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Originally Posted by SoxThunder View Post
Here's a few other tidbits I remember from being at SoxFest all weekend:

  • Aaron Rowand was "devastated" when he was traded to the Phillies and said that both he and Kenny Williams cried when it happened. He said the White Sox were the team he came up with and they still feel like "family".
  • For a 7 pm game, most players arrive at the ballpark around 1:30. Konerko usually arrives before anyone else to get extra work in, and his teammates have a lot of respect for him
  • Thornton "knows his body" and likes to do a lot of off-season conditioning (mostly core, legs, and long toss)
  • Nate Jones is a Kentucky boy and self-described hick and Hahn/Ventura said he will be considered for the closer's role
  • Hahn and Stone discussed how a pitcher is evaluated to determine if he'd be a better starter or reliever. They have some charting technology that shows if a pitcher still has a lot of movement late in the game. If yes, they push to make him a starter. If no (ie - there's a drastic drop in pitch movement after a couple innings), they push to make him a reliever.
  • Kittle made fun of Fisk's DUI and said they should make a "middle of the cornfield bobblehead"
  • Paciorek does a pretty good Vin Scully impression
  • Joe Crede hasn't been missing any meals
  • Rowand said his favorite Joe Crede story is when he had to take a crap in the clubhouse bathroom and was late coming back onto the field. The umpire almost made them put in a replacement fielder, but Joe finally came running out of the dugout fastening his belt.
  • Rowand said Jermaine Dye was the "whitest black guy ever"
  • Dye said he'd share his World Series MVP car with Crede, but Joe laughed that he's never seen it
  • Ed Farmer is the weirdest and most awkward interviewer ever (it's even worse than his broadcasting)
Anyone have an updated Crede Pic? I keep hearing he hasn't missed many meals but think a pic would justify this.
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