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Originally Posted by My_Sox_Summer View Post
On Friday, there was a guy in front of me that had 3 MVP passes and one was for his 5 year old just so he could get 3 autos each time he was up there. I guess I don't understand having multiple autographs of the same player on assorted items unless you are selling it, which he assured me he doesn't. Any insight BainesHOF?
That seems a bit weird. I wonder who the third pass was for? Maybe his wife didn't feel like chasing autographs.

I've attended nearly every SoxFest and I've never met an attendee who was obtaining autographs to sell. Even if you wanted to, it wouldn't make any sense financially by the time you factor in all of the costs associated with attending.

As far as obtaining multiple autographs of the same player on assorted items, I guess to each their own. Believe it or not, some people still try to collect autograph sets so they need multiple cards if they're working on completing more than one different set. I've gotten players to sign multiple things over time. I have a lot of items in my collection. Why not get them signed when you have a chance?
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