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Originally Posted by SoxThunder View Post
  • Rowand said Jermaine Dye was the "whitest black guy ever"
Originally Posted by spawn View Post
While we appreciate your posting of these tidbits, remarks like the one bolded shouldn't be posted.
Originally Posted by SoxThunder View Post
I don't see any problem with posting something Rowand said behind a mic at SoxFest. Jermaine Dye thought it was funny and so did the crowd.
Originally Posted by spawn View Post
It doesn't matter if Aaron Rowand said it behind a mic, nor does it matter if Jermaine Dye found it funny. There may be African American members of WSI that may not find it so amusing and could lead to a discussion that is not allowed here.
If the context of Rowand's comment was given in the original post, there would be no need for any discussion about it. Rowand was talking about the 2005 team and how everyone hung out together after games. He said there were no cliques like you see on most teams where the veterans hang out together, the rookies hang out together, the carribean guys hang out, and the black guys hang out. In 2005, all of the guys would have dinner and go on fishing trips together. As an example, Jermaine Dye would go golfing and fishing with AJ, Rowand and Crede.

In context, Rowand said it with benevolence and respect towards Dye and the rest of his teammates.
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