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It's definitely a lot more evenly matched than in the past. I think either the Rays or Jays will come out on top. Tampa has the best pitching on paper and Toronto has the most balanced team, barring injury.

The Yankees still have lefty power for that right field porch. They also have a great bullpen. Teams don't fear ARod. He can no longer turn a good inside fastball around. I see them hanging around, but I would be stunned if they win the division again.

The Carmines will be a little better. I think Bobby Valentine was poison from the second management considered him for the job. But their pitching staff is not good enough. I see a fourth consecutive year with no playoffs for the Local 9.

Baltimore is that one team which I thought should have overpaid for a top starter like Greinke. Then once you bring up Bundy, I think the entire staff would have rounded out. They have enough hitting to contend. I think they'll be tough again. People are doubting them. Buck has the players' respect. That goes a long way for their young talent.
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