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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
And I didn't believe him. He's never been an excuse maker.
If you blame injuries publicly, you're making excuses and some will label you a whiner. If you take the high road and say the injuries weren't a factor, there are some who will say the injuries weren't a factor. You're a hitter who has work done on his wrist mid-season. You miss time after being hit in the face with a pitch and later miss time because of a concussion. If you don't blame injuries for your hitting slumps, it's becuase you hve too much class to do so.

Still, when Konerko was flirting with .400, Dunn was the worst hitter with runners in scoring postion on the team. At the end of the seson, Dunn was the worst hitter with runners in scoring position on the team. It wasn't as if when Konerko was struggling, pitchers started to pitch around Dunn because he lacked protection in the lineup. Pitchers actually started getting him out more frequently.

Hit Dunn in front of Beckham and Dunn is likely to get on base more frequently.
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