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Originally Posted by SoxNation05 View Post
How am I lieing? You accused me of saying he was going to break out, which I said nowhere. So quickly after your accusation two other posters came to my defense before I even saw your post. That is 3 against 1. I know you have trouble conceiving you could be wrong.

Beckham's problem is his swing. Not only does he have great trouble against offspeed pitches, the hitch in his swing makes it hard for him to hit fastballs if his timing is just off a little bit. If he works away from that hitch, shortens up his swing, he may have an alright year next year. Considering his BABIP, he is very unlucky. With Keppinger more than likely slotted at #2 in the order, it is unlikely Beckham will be moved around in the order. Therefore, he will be hitting 9th day-in-day-out and will see a lot of fastballs.

I'll break it down for you munch: he will be hitting in the same spot, he will see a lot of fastballs hitting 9th, his BABIP indicates he was very unlucky last year and hitting "average" for a 2B is not that hard to attatin.

AL average 2B slash per dub's post: .250/.311/.374. with 6 HR
Beckham's 2012 slash per dub's post: .234/.296/.371 with 16 HR 60 RBIs

What I think is easily attainable and completely acceptable for a strong fielder at 2B: .250/.310/.390 with 17 HRs and 65 RBIs.
Your original statement speaks for itself. So now in order to "get his swing back", he's going to post that line you mentioned? One he never has, only worse lines and then one line way better. certainly didn't mean that one year.

This is done. Argue the meanings of words all you want.
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