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Originally Posted by SoxNation05 View Post
Far from the same thing, I quoted others on the board who swiftly defended me. That arguement was over anyways. You are going back in the thread and trying to find something to stick to someone and you are just making yourself look weak. I like Beckham, as you supposedly do too, I think he plays the game the right way, he has a good attitude, he cares, he can pick it but he just cannot get his mechanics together. IMO, if he bumps his AVG up 20-30 points and stops disapearing in the 7-8-9 innings he could be a valuable player. Considering his BABIP is .250, his AVG going up is not far fetched at all.
Please. I'm not putting words in your mouth. You said get his swing back. Those were your words, not mine. Not made up. Considering he's been consistently the same every year except one year, it's obvious what year you were referring too. If you're going to sit here and lie about it, we don't have anything to discuss.
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