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Originally Posted by DonnieDarko View Post
Just thought that I would add this on Beckham: I think he'll improve because he showed improvement last year. Sure, the numbers do not show that, but that's because he had an atrocious April and a bad July...but it seems that after that he seemed to figure SOMETHING out, and by the last month of the season (albeit, after some of the pressure of getting into the playoffs was gone) he seemed to grow confidence. I KNOW that he changed his stance by holding his hands a bit higher, and ever since he started doing that he's shown improvement.
Beckham did find his power stroke last year at least. 16HRs from the 2B spot is definitely "bonus power". According to Yahoo Sports, the league average for HRs out of the 2B spot is only 6. There aren't many Robinson Canos out there who can hit 30+ from that spot on the diamond. The big problem is that he is about 25 points below the league batting average from that position.

I'm also glad that he went back to his crouched stance though. Albeit, a modified version of the one he used in Georgia and in 2009. The stance he used in 2011 where he was vertical with his hands in front of his face drove me nuts. I think we would all like to see him go back to hitting the ball with authority to right center field like he did in his rookie year though. We only get flashes of that Beckham in recent years. Still, even if Gordon doesn't improve and just duplicates his 2012 season next year, getting 16HRs and 60RBIs from the 9 spot in the order isn't horrific production. The + defense he provides also helps his cause.
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