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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
What you have posted has been obnoxious. You should buy a Tigers hat and be done with it, although if you did, you would find fault with everything Tigers and suddenly White Sox players would become better.
The attitude that anything negative is obnoxious is in itself obnoxious. Haven't we gone passed the point where regarding another team in our division as clearly better doesn't mean we're becoming fans of that team? Especially when every other fanbase on the planet would acknowledge it?

Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Nobody has taken anything out of the tremendously over the top, depressing tone you meant to convey them in, so cut the self martyrdom ****. And when a guy prefaces his statement saying it's with "irrational" hope, that means he realizes it's without any logical merit. Beckham turning his career around would be certainly surprising, but stranger things have happened in baseball.
All of that is off topic. He claimed I put words in his mouth. I was pointing back to where he actually made the statement.

Saying we have little to no chance of competing for the division is not over the top. Sorry. But that's not just my opinion, that's the majority opinion in baseball. We are bad. The Tigers are good, probably the best in baseball. There's a huge gap. We need to address the roster talent, or we aren't going anywhere. These are not over the top statements. They are the truth of the situation.
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