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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
You are a guy who defended himself saying you said next to no shot vs. no shot, and saying there was a huge difference. Now someone else says they have irrational hope and you say that's the same as saying he will bust out.

I think you spend too much time with your President of the Michael Beasley fan club duties.
Your train of logic doesn't make sense.

Yes, it is NEARLY impossible for us to win the division. Yes, we can do it. But it's not likely. It's not really all that plausible. We need two more impact bats in the lineup, and then some stuff to go right.

People keep acting like the Tigers don't have 6 impact bats in their lineup, 2 being two of the best in all of baseball, and a much better pitching staff.

Irrational hope Beckham gets his swing back is the same as saying he'll bust out, yeah. I'm pretty sure we all know he's talking about his rookie year. Expecting that again, more than a thousand at bats into his career is a little homerish at this point.
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