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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
They should let the state float away.

Originally Posted by johnnyg83 View Post
So definitive.

I'd argue miami and Orlando get very different types of tourists ... Euro trash, posers and seniors vs. families.
It still has to be a losing proposition to move a team that has some of the worst attendance issues in the league to a city that's 35% smaller and bank on a bunch of old people and kids with no regional allegiance to make up that difference.

Florida is a nice place to catch some rays at the beach, do some sport fishing, go to some overpriced theme parks and ride some overrated roller coasters, float to on a box from Cuba, and sit around and wait to die in, but it just does not seem to work as a pro sports market, especially outside of Miami, which seems to have the only two pro teams in the state that ever get any kind of real support; the Dolphins and Heat, though they only seem to really be popular when the former is headed by arguably the greatest QB of all time and when the latter has two of the Top 10 NBA players on its roster, one of whom may be one of the 3-5 greatest players ever.

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