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I'm a fan of:

1. De Aza - good leadoff guy, better #2 - would prefer prototypical leadoff guy with more speed, walks, OBP and consistency

2. Keppinger - pretty good #2 guy, could be epic lower in the order or in a high AB supersub role like Maddon played him last year in Tampa

3. Dunn - We're stuck with him until contract is up, may as well keep him at #3, at least we'll get him on base for the RBI guys

4. Konerko - his protection is the only way Dunn has decent numbers, plus I'm old school - I like to see our best player hit 4th.

5. Rios - he did well here last year, why change it now? Plus he's lost his swing before when changed to different lineup spots.

6. Alexei - hope to see better results this year now that we're paying $7.5M this year and $9M next.

7-9. Three other guys who can hit.

Again I'll give Viciedo, Flowers and Beckham a chance. Let's see what they can do this with pressure to keep their jobs, at least long-term. It's not like we have big-league quality alternatives. If it clicks, we have a decent lineup to go with an above average pitching staff.

Also, not sure if I like two free swinging Cubans hitting back to back. Maybe give Flowers some protection and Viciedo less pressure hitting behind him in 8th as our "second cleanup guy"

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