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I have been a season ticketholder since 1991 and I have heard of players and coaches calling STH's and I never received a call. Today I was out to lunch and received two calls from the same number about a minute apart but didn't want to interupt the people I was with. Checked voicemail after lunch and it was a nice message from Bobby Thigpen thanking me for being a STH for many years. Just for kicks I thought I would try to call the number back and it was the office of the guy who handles the premium seating (Rob) - Bobby had used his office for an hour to call STH's.

Wish I would have picked up the call. Would have loved to have chatted about the 1990 season, one of my favorites.

I will have to put a reminder on the calendar for the year 2034.
"Call your sons! Call your daughters! Call your friends! Call your neighbors! Mark Buehrle has a perfect game going into the ninth!"
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