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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
Dayan hit homers off of Bruce Chen, Scott Diamond, Corey Kluber, Scott Maine, Chris Perez, and Vinne Pestano. NONE of them are rookies (though Kluber and Maine are gas cans). Bruce Chen was the best pitcher on the Royals last year (which isn't saying much) and consistently beat the White Sox, Scott Diamond had a 3.54 ERA, Chris Perez had a 3.57 ERA and 39 saves this year, and Pestano had a 2.57 ERA in 70 innings. That's not exactly AAA filler.
Not exactly all rookies as Munch stated. Why the failure to respond to this post Munch?

Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Spawn the main issue I have with that is the level of young talent in the respective rosters. The A's and Orioles were filled with former #1 picks and guys at the top of every prospect list. And the Giants? Winners of two of the last three series? Yeah, nobody saw that coming. We've got the consensus worst system in baseball, and our ready "prospects" have already had several hundred if not thousands of at bats. It baffles me that people still think Beckham is going to bust out.
Please quote back to when anyone said Beckham is gonig to bust out? As someone previouly noted, you are making arguements with people who do not exist.
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