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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Well, I hold your opinion pretty much worthless, but I'll have to take it as I've never really seen Keppinger play much in the field and don't know for myself, but I have a very hard time believing he'll be much worse off than Youkilis last year who was too beat up by the end of the season to do much of anything.

I will point out that in his career, Keppinger's RF/9 at 3B is 2.59, which is essentially the league average 3B over that time (2.62) and much better than Youkilis's RF/9 with the Sox last season, 2.33. But I'm assuming only players on the Tigers can be expected to maintain or exceed their career norms.

Well, in his last five years as an infielder, he's been worth -177 runs to his team defensively. To be fair, he's actually a really above average defender in LF. Given our current options, if we went out and got a 3B and played Keppinger in left I'd be plenty happy with that.

Edit: sorry, that's if his numbers were for a whole year. But you get the idea.
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