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Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
Of course we can't, but you speak in more absolutes than a damn Sith Lord. It's baseball, and it's not crazy to think the Sox can even compete. The Tigers are the paper favorites. But the Sox are the next best team in the division, on paper, and sometimes the dog wins the race. They are not the embarrassment of a team you seem to believe them to be.
The next best team on paper is the Royals. They've made a lot of improvements this offseason. I know - probably debatable. But the big thing here is not so much who's the next best team. It's the incredible cavern between levels of talent. Especially on offense. We have no offense. Sure, maybe someone gets lucky and busts out. But the talent of the hitters we've compiled doesn't make that seem likely outside of maybe two or three guys. Is that enough to carry us to even a .500 finish? Only possibly. We need much more talented players on offense if we're gonna start talking about playoffs. Remember, our division got better around us. Even Cleveland got a little better.
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