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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Can someone, sanely, please answer how we are even as good as last year. A real answer. Not one that imagines improvement from Dayan, TCM, Beckham, and Flowers based on nothing. Not one that imagines Konerko didn't fall off a cliff in the second half last year. Seriously. How is this team going to score runs. We lost our most productive hitter from last year in AJ and Rios had a year way out of his career norm. And we're somehow going to improve? Improve? This team is not just worse, it's a lot worse than last year. That isn't an over the top assessment. Our everyday lineup includes Flowers, Viciedo, and Beckham, three guys who are likely to post an OPS+ of about 30 points under the league average for their respective positions. Our "core" on offense includes that guy that dropped off a cliff due to age and Adam freakin' Dunn. In what universe is this lineup competitive?
John Danks.

The bullpen is better.

Reed should improve.

I personally think Viciedo and Beckham will get better at the plate.

Robin Ventura gaining a year experience.

We have two options at the #5 spot in the rotation rather than Phil Humber.

Keppinger is better than Morel and possibly better than Youkilis.

Rick Hahn has also said "we're not done" and Jerry Reinsdorf had said that our payroll still has flexibility.
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