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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Ask the Yankees and Nationals how much "Division Champion" and home field in the playoffs means. (Hint: Nothing)

And that is absolutely not true about the Lakers. I can't definitively say that everyone was high on them coming into this season but to say it was split 50/50 is just bull****. The Tigers, I am sure, are no more consensus than LAL was.
Well, can we at least agree that our road to actually getting into the playoffs is significantly hindered because of the talent amassed by the Tigers?

I'm sick of talking about the Tigers. This is supposed to be a thread about improving our team. But it seems like most people are content with the players on our roster. And that's troubling. This is not a very good team. Our lineup is relying heavily on an aging star who was amongst the worst hitters in the second half last year and two other "stars" who two years ago had the worst and second worst statistical seasons in the history of baseball. Our "young" positional core includes two middle infielders that can't hit all that well (and never will), a left fielder who can't make contact enough and has zero batting eye (great combination!), and a journeyman minor leaguer who put together one semi-decent season for a regular. Oh yeah. And Tyler Flowers, who is supposed to replace the best regular season we've ever had from a catcher. Despite the fact that if he hits .240 it'll be a freakin' miracle.

Our rotation is better than that, but Danks is still probably a year away from being himself and Sale's arm is likely to explode before he hits arbitration. We REALLY need to add talent to this team. Core talent. Or it's going to be a devastating next half decade.