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Originally Posted by mrwag View Post
We spent 100 days in first because Detroit slept for a good part of the season. I wish I shared your enthusiasm and I hope I am wrong, but we haven't added anything to increase our odds over last year. Keppinger isn't going to push us over 85 wins.

Everyone also forgets Victor Martinez and Tori Hunter are replacing black holes of production in that Tiger lineup (and in Hunter's case, becoming a much better corner OF defender). That lineup and that pitching staff....jeez. It would be a MAJOR disappointment if they didn't win 105 games. It's not a stretch they could break the all time record for victories in the regular season. The only "hole" is that they've got a phenom flame throwing youngster primed to be their closer. And to be perfectly honest, there isn't a reliever on our roster I wouldn't trade straight up for him.

If we're a contender, its for the wild card only. Unless we seriously address our lineup issues. Like by signing Michael Bourne, for starters.