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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
So do you want to discredit Griffey, Bonds, Ted Williams, Ichiro, Mattingly, Fisk, Gwynn and any other number of hall of famers who never won any? It's remarkably hard to win just one title, let alone several. To lay the blame at the feet of an individual for a lack of team success (which the Braves didn't even have) is flawed. He won the series once, pitched in the series five times, and pitched in the NLCS nine times, with fantastic postseason numbers. There's only so much you can lay at a guy's feet before you're just reaching.
I was more indicting the others than Smoltz . He did his part, although I am still not convinced he's a solid HOfer, though it is apparent I'm in the minority there and he will get elected from what I've read. I'm just thinking they may not have been all that great as a staff like people seem to believe if they only have one ring to show for it. Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum are already more successful in that department . I believe pitching talks and you know what walks in the postseason. They had 3 guys who were very very good to great , should have won it more than once. That 10 reasons why (the Braves won one stinkin series)thing on the Braves on ESPN was nonsense blaming everyone but the big 3, who besides Smoltz sucked. Yes of course a great player can not win it no matter how great he is if the rest the team isn't good enough. But the Braves, with 3 #1 starters, have no such excuse , they had a lot of good players around them. Bonds is a bad example to bring up because his complete failure to hit anything in the playoffs with the Pirates was a HUGE reason they didn't make it to the World Series even though they had the best team in the NL for a few year period.. It wasn't till he got to SF he had that one monster-roided postseason.

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