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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
I don't believe a strict reading of OPS is applicable to every hitter. Nellie Fox, Red Schoendienst, Jim Gilliam, Bill Mazeroski, and Frank White are all second basemen retiring with an OPS under 100. I'd gladly take any one of them on my team. I don't want to start another old stat, new stat/ youngblood, old fart argument. I just think you have to take all stats in context. I will agree with you that Beckham has been seriously wanting at the plate after showing early promise as a rookie. Time runs out on him this year and the team really needs him to be up to the challenge.
They still haven't corrected that hitch in his swing. He is way too slow catching up to any kind of fastball belt up . Seems like it takes him ten minutes to actually swing. Too many holes in it. The only pitches he ever hammers are off speed. Plus he will swing at anything. He's a mental mess up there it looks like.
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