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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
Why a lock ? If barely above .500 most years, 3rd pitcher on his team, and a few good closing years are the standard heck yea lock. He was great in the postseason, much better than his teammates, which is weird, because Glavine and Maddux were both better pitchers than him normally. I'm not sure what to make of that .But it is a plus. I'm just struggling , looking at the numbers, and seeing a very good career, how so many are saying LOCK, LOCK, LOCK, oh yea, he's a LOCK . Tom Seaver is a lock, way better than Smoltz ever was.
How is it Smoltz fault that he was the number 3 on a team with 2 absolute lock first ballot HOFers?

As for Kevin Brown, his ERA was a full run lower and then some pitching for LA, Florida and San Diego than in the AL. Pitching in the 3 best pitchers parks in baseball will do that. Smoltz home/road splits are almost identical, and while he never did pitch in the AL outside of 8 starts at the end of his career, we do have all the empirical evidence that he was a dominating pitcher wherever he went. You can't say that about Brown.
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