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They don't make them like Earl any more. When the Orioles came to town I was sure to be at the game not only to see greats like Blair, Powell and Robinson (Brooks and Frank) but also to watch one of the greatest umpire-baiters of all time. I have to wonder how the thin skinned umps of today would react to a guy like Earl? Let's not forget that Weaver was also prolific tomato grower and had an ongoing "feud" with the O's head groundskeeper over who grew the best tomatoes. Of course, the famed tomato patch would grace the left field territory of old Memorial Stadium until the move to Camden Yards.

Keeping in mind that Weaver may have had the foulest mouth of any manager in recent memory, he and Baltimore broadcaster Tom Marr combined to produce one of the funniest (and obscene) pranks in baseball broadcasting. Apparently the original tape was made in the early 80's and made the rounds of baseball media for years before being posted on the web in the 90s.

So RIP Earl, and here's wishing that you and Alice Sweet have a bumper crop of tomatoes!
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