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Originally Posted by Falstaff View Post
OK, point well taken. But consider: Tommy John will be unanimous first ballot in the Sports Medicine Hall Of Fame, and before its all over, they may need to make a wax statue of John's elbow, a special exhibit in Cooperstown and the Smithsonian. Tommy John has had unique contribution to the game; deserves recognition. How many HOF pitchers have benefitted from TJ surgery? Huh?
I would put the doctor who performed the surgery (Frank Jobe) in as a contributer before Tommy John.

If Blyleven pitched in LA with the teams Tommy John pitched for he easily would have won 300 games. I don't think Tommy John would even be discussed as a hofer if he pitched for the teams Blyleven had to pitch for. I think Tommy John gets alot of hof support because he pitched in three huge markets--Chicago, Los Angelos and New York. Blyleven basically pitched in smaller markets Minnesota, Cleveland, Texas and Pittsburgh most of his career. Blyleven also won two World Series (1979, 1987) and had a pretty good post season resume. 5-1 record with a low era.

Both Kaat and John won a lot of games so I suppose they deserve to be mentioned for the hof but theres still pitchers I would put in before em. I don't even think Morris is deserving but I would put him in before them.

I think they do have some sort of exhibit in the hof that refers to the Tommy John surgery too. If they don't they should. Yeah your deff right Tommy John deff paved the way for alot of pitchers. It is pretty amazing he came back after that surgery.

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