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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
The saber guys deff helped get Blyleven in but he really is way more deserving than Tommy John. Blyleven finished with a career war of 90.7 in 22 seasons while Tommy John finished with a 56.9 in 26 seasons. I'm not a huge fan of saber stats but WAR is pretty accurate especially with pitchers. These were the best pitchers from Johns and Blylevens era. This isn't how I would rank em though.

Tom Seaver 101.1 war...I would say he's the best out of these guys.
Phil Niekro 91.7 war..he pitched alot of innings but still a hofer
Bert Blyleven 90.7 war...he pitched in horrible ballparks with bad defenses. he's a top 20 pitcher in my book.
Gaylord Perry 87.5 war...long career and he was very steady.
Steve Carlton78.6...played longer than Blyleven.
Bob Gibson 77.5 war...his peak is what makes him top 10 all time. Still amazing how high of a career war with a pretty short career.
Fergie Jenkins 77.4 war
Nolan Ryan 77.4...he's pretty overrated
Jim Palmer 63.2...his defense and ball park made him look better. deff a hofer though.
Don Sutton Palmer he pitched with great defense and pitchers park.
Luis Tiant 61.8
Tommy John....56.9...had a few good years but his stats look better from pitching in Chicago and LA.
Jerry Koosman...53.9

Catfish Hunter I think had a 35 career war.

Blyleven pretty much kills Tommy John and really Blyleven was long over due on being elected. Blyleven deff lost alot of 1-0, 2-1 type games in his career.

Blyleven had 5 seasons over 140 era+ and 7 more of over 120+. John had 1 season over 140+ and 5 with over 120+
OK, point well taken. But consider: Tommy John will be unanimous first ballot in the Sports Medicine Hall Of Fame, and before its all over, they may need to make a wax statue of John's elbow, a special exhibit in Cooperstown and the Smithsonian. Tommy John has had unique contribution to the game; deserves recognition. How many HOF pitchers have benefitted from TJ surgery? Huh?
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