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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
It might make some sense to trade De Aza if you can get someone who is young with some degree of potential in order to take a long term approach beyond 2014. Unfortunately the White Sox are kind of stuck in a holding position while waiting for these bad contracts to expire.
A few recent news stories shine a light:

Viciedo's shown little that says he can be our #4 hitter for years to come, and going cheap with rookies in the OF is not a good idea if we want to compete. If the Sox want to deal Viciedo for anything of value it will need to be the next two seasons before Boras shoots for the moon in arb, then we'll be stuck with an expensive one-dimentional power hitter.

I hope Hahn isn't really thinking of going into the season with Wise, Danks, Gimenez, Sanchez and this lefty hitting utility infielder this season...

Under the radar?