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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Even if you insist that the numbers should get Bonds in anyway, contrary to the widespread belief that he severely damaged the integrity of the game, the widespread belief about his numbers are that they are meaningless.
It's not that widespread. Despite everything you just mentioned, Bonds still received 35% of the BBWAA vote, during a year where writers were making a statement against PEDs. Many of the writers who didn't vote for Bonds and Clemens acknowledge that they will probably get in some day.

I certainly respect your opinion, as it's one I used to hold. I just don't think it's so cut-and-dried. The outlook on the steroids era will evolve, especially as the kids who grew up during the era cheering for these players take more prominent roles in baseball. I'm not saying they'll gloss it over, but they'll figure out a way to honor the era, warts and all.

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