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Originally Posted by Bob Roarman View Post
Noo, no, you're not turning that around on me. Nice try though. It's the double standard you hold. Until people like you realize they've already had cheaters and scumbags and liars in your precious Hall of Fame for years, you'll never be able to reconcile the future of baseball. If you can't even make distinctions between every era, which is the only real way to go with it anyway, even withoout the introduction of PEDs, then you should just forget about the Hall of Fame and it's outdated, overly political processes, one year a player isn't worthy, 2 years later he is, forget it. It's ****ing rubbish. It's a prop of old Americana. That time is over. Done with. Things change, nothing stays the same, baseball sure as hell hasn't and it'll continue to evolve. So either live in the past or adapt to the future.
Did America legalize anabolic steroids?

You are missing the point. Steroids and gambling go to the integrity, not just of the individual, but of the game and the individual's relationship to the game. The character/integrity clause is about the sport.

Steroids damaged the integrity of baseball. That isn't an antiquated belief of someone who resists change. That is a fact. The fact that the Sosa/McGwire home run chase got more people interested in baseball only means that more people were let down when the truth came out.

You might not care about steroids in baseball, but it is a cynical belief, and one that the great majority baseball fans don't want to share (one that people who hate baseball are more apt to believe because it is anti-baseball.) This isn't about purists not recognizing the advances (legal or not) of science. The game is supposed to be honest. The Hall of Fame is supposed to be honest. I don't know of any Hall of Famer who damaged the integrity of the game. And if you're talking about wrongs that people do, American law recognizes the difference between misdemeanors and felonies. The Catholic Church makes a distinction between venial and mortal sins.

Even if you insist that the numbers should get Bonds in anyway, contrary to the widespread belief that he severely damaged the integrity of the game, the widespread belief about his numbers are that they are meaningless.
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