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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
Absolutely. Look what PED's did for cycling. Bring them back. While we're at it cut the hypocrisy. Next year we can have frenzied fans yelling "Barry! Barry!" at his induction ceremony. The same for Roger and Sammy, although I suppose Sammy will bring an interpreter for his induction speech. Maybe one of them will be big enough to acknowledge Tom House for his trailblazing efforts. Let's not stop there. Pete Rose needs to get enshrined soon too. Let's have a special wing for Chick Gandil, Sport Sullivan, Abe Atell and Arnold Rothstein. Once upon a time gambling saved baseball. So much work to do. Then on to basketball. Jack Molinas, for starters needs to be recognized for his contributions.
PEDs put cycling on the map in the States...before Lance Armstrong, interest in competitive cycling was practically non-existent here. Steroids also did save baseball in the late 90s. The surge in attendance and money bears that out, as interest had been in serious decline after the strike.

You don't have to like it, but at the time it was absolutely true. We all wanted to see superhuman feats in sports, and that's exactly what we got.

As for House, so what if he was an unremarkable journeyman (he was also a respected pitching coach)? Look at the types of players that have been testing positive since MLB implemented testing - the Tom Houses of the league are much more likely to test positive than the superstars.

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