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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
If you don't like racists in the Hall of Fame, you wouldn't want Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame. I heard that Bonds told Ron Kittle he wouldn't sign for white people, in support of a charity no less, long before Ron's book was written. And that was consistent with some high-profile interviews Bonds gave. But that isn't why Bonds isn't in the Hall of Fame. And if Joes Canseco has any credibility a half century from now, I doubt it will be as a prophet.

The fact is, neither the all-time hits leader or the all-time home run leader in major league baseball are in the Baseball Hall of Fame, not because they were/are lousy excuses for human beings but because they betrayed baseball. Pete Rose and Barry Bonds not being in the Hall of Fame, Ty Cobb and Jim Rice being in the Hall of Fame are facts consistent with what the Hall of Fame has always been.

I'm not making excuses. From what I've been reading, the evils of Ty Cobb's life has been exaggerated, but even in its exaggeration, he was never accused of betraying baseball, which is where the character and integrity clause applies, and how it was applied to Hal Chase by the voters who put Ty Cobb in. What I have been writing is consistent with reality, however unacceptable you consider the reality. I am looking at what the Hall of Fame is and has been my entire life. The fact that there may be players in the Hall of Fame who got away with cheating does not mean all cheating should be ignored. It is you who wants to make the Hall fo Fame something it's not.

If people stop caring about steroid use in baseball, Bonds will get into the Hall of Fame. But I doubt they will anytime soon.
Noo, no, you're not turning that around on me. Nice try though. It's the double standard you hold. Until people like you realize they've already had cheaters and scumbags and liars in your precious Hall of Fame for years, you'll never be able to reconcile the future of baseball. If you can't even make distinctions between every era, which is the only real way to go with it anyway, even withoout the introduction of PEDs, then you should just forget about the Hall of Fame and it's outdated, overly political processes, one year a player isn't worthy, 2 years later he is, forget it. It's ****ing rubbish. It's a prop of old Americana. That time is over. Done with. Things change, nothing stays the same, baseball sure as hell hasn't and it'll continue to evolve. So either live in the past or adapt to the future.
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