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But you got "wrong" guys in the Hall of Fame already. There are ****ing racists in the HOF. I really don't care to hear what these purists think about recent players' "character" and "integrity" while upholding that. And to think that there isn't already a player in the Hall that used steroids or any type of PED is just being naive. It can't be both ways.

If those people want to accept those past HOF players on the warped basis of them being some kind of product of the attitudes of their time or whatever excuse people like TDog want to come up for it, then you make the same type distinctions for this era and every other era. Everything else has changed anyways. There's been a complete re-design of baseball parks, the dimensions, the mound has been lowered, the fences brought in, etc. You've got players' roles that have changed, 1 inning closers, 200 inning pitchers, middle relief, long relief,etc. Things have changed drastically.

The job itself of being a pro ball player has changed immensely. Completely different today, simply with the advancement of science, medical procedures, all the different work-out/dietary regimens, supplements, updated understandings of practically everything related to the game, the list goes on and on and that's before even getting to PEDs. As ridiculous as he usually sounds about just anything else, Jose Canseco probably hit the nail on the head when he talked about how in 40 to 50 years from now, people will look back at these arguments and laugh at how ridiculous they were. People can hate it all they want today, but PEDs are part of the game now and forever.
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