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In the late 60's and the decade of the 70's it seemed that drugs were everywhere. Not just pot, the most widely used, but a wide assortment. Into the 1980's cocaine was seen as hip and chic among even many professionals. Baseball players certainly weren't immune from all of this. I actually attended one session of the baseball cocaine trial in Pittsburgh in 1985. Now I personally was never into that scene but I witnessed the sometimes devastating effects the drug culture had on many of my contemporaries. No, I'm not a doctor or health care professional but I think it is pretty safe to say that long term use of amphetamines of any kind is NOT a performance enhancer. A short term boost that will help you show up and complete your task? Yes, I'll go with that, but there comes a point where use is absolutely devastating to the mind and body. Nobody here ever knew what we used to call a speed freak? Now I do not wish to excuse use of "greenies" the "red juice" or whatever brand of upper some players used. I just have a really big problem with comparing them to the designer steroids that some of the biggest stars in the game were using in the 90's and 00's. It's like comparing a fly to an elephant. The whole thing is sordid and unfortunate. Now some are casting aspersions on an old timer like Hank Aaron and the recently retired Frank Thomas, two who I will go out on a limb and say were clean. Perhaps in the years and decades to come some intrepid investigative journalists will reveal to us the true extent all drugs and PED's in baseball dating back to the 1960's.
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