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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
McGwire didn't just use andro. He admitted to steroid use during his career in 2010. Palmeiro tested positive, B12 be damned. Bonds may not have tested positive, but considering the transformation of his body tells me all I need to know.
But from a legal perspective, they were in a grey area unless they were buying the products, selling them and/or injecting themselves. Instead they let the doctors/trainers/labs take the legal risks, while they could plead ignorance. It's part of the reason why Clemens was acquitted and Bonds was only hit with a slap on the wrist for "evasive answers" when they were tried for perjury. The government didn't even bother with Palmeiro.

I also think that PEDs are only one factor in the crazy numbers of the era. Firstly, pitching talent was at one of its lowest points. Secondly, spacious parks were being replaced with new bandboxes and that took some adjusting. And thirdly, hitters were able to wear body armor and stand on top of the plate with no fear of the inside pitch. How many times did we see an inside fast ball bounce off Barry's robo-arm thing without him even flinching?

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