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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post

There is still the "character and sportsmanship" consideration for the HOF. When they decided to use roids, they violated that part.

That's a misconception. Joe wasn't given a lifetime ban, he is on the "permanently ineligible" list. There's a difference.

These players who used roids were wrong for using them but cmon half the players in the hall of fame are racists, drunks and cheats. At least the roid users bought fans back to baseball. I guarantee if we listed every player in the hof at least 45-50 percent would have a character flaw thats well known. To me it just shows that writers have no clue on the history of baseball. They feel they are making baseball moral again when baseball has been corrupt since the start.

I forgot about Perry getting caught but cmon it still took em basically until he retired before he got caught. I'm still impressed.

On the Joe Jackson thing, I didn't realize he was on a ineligable list. but still I think it's time to forgive the poor guy and let him in.
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