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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
When he retired didn't Blyleven have something like the fourth most strikeouts of all time? John put up some good numbers but it was mostly a result of longevity (though Blyleven certainly had a long career too). The sabermetric community helps Blyleven more and Blyleven constantly screaming about how he belonged in the hall helped him towards the end a bit too. Though it might have hurt him initially.
Yeah, but the ERA's are similar, the decisions are similar , John's era is the same. He won 20 games way more than Bert, and you always hear how the voters love that magical 20 win thing. Bert pitched forever too. I think your right, it had to be the strikeouts and the eye test thing, because it sure wasn't the numbers, because John is comparable or better in a lot of categories. Blyleven went from 14 percent to election, practically unprecedented.
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