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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
Why does any of this matter? You said it yourself- cheating is cheating is cheating. End of story. Period. Was Pete Rose a HOFer before he bet on games? Absolutely. Was Joe Jackson a HOFer before he threw a World Series? No doubt. There's no reason why some players should be forgiven for cheating just because they were great players beforehand.
Those are totally different arguments. Personally I feel Joe Jackson should have been put in 60 years ago when he died. Thats when his lifetime ban ended.

These steroid players aren't banned from baseball. And steroids were being used because baseball didn't have drug testing in fact most of the stuff they used could be bought at a GNC store. I keep hearing how Tim Raines should be in the hof and I feel he should be in too but this guy was using cocaine and he gets more votes than guys who were taking over the counter drugs.
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