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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
I don't think the 'casual' fan knows or cares about the white flag or dynamic pricing. The alienation of the fans, and the loss of a whole generation of fans to the Cubs, was started long before Reinsdorf and company. Moving the Sox to unwatchable UHF channels (very poor signals, and LOTS of televisions without UHF tuners) had pretty much every little kid in the city growing up watching the Cubs only, and Reinsdorf didn't do that. So now, it's a Cubs town, the media (all of them) fawn over the Cubs and ignore the Sox

I will always believe that it's totally unrealistic to expect the White Sox to ever be able to spend and market like the aforementioned teams. If that's really what you expect, you'll forever be disappointed and angry. You have to develop a realistic expectation of what the Sox will be able to do.
Don't forget, one of the major local media outlets OWNED the Cubs during that time too. I'm not sure there was much to be done to fight that anyway.