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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
We all tend to exagerate things but alienation of the fans by JR and company has kept the Sox from being like the Yankees, Dodgers or Red Sox. In a huge market like Chicago why are we not like them. Do you have a better answer?
I don't know how you feel but it bothers me to no end that a team that lost 100 games outdrew us by almost a million fans while we were in the race all year. It hurts even more because when I was growing up Chicago was a Sox town. I will give some credit to ownership in lowering ticket and parking prices for this coming season, lets hope it helps. I don't know how long it will take to make it a Sox town and a big market team but horrible moves like the original Sportsvision, letting Harry Caray go, the horrible upper deck, the White Flag trade and Dynamic pricing are things that will take some time in the fans minds to overcome.
Hate to say it but the Cell sucks, the area sucks, getting there sucks.....We have 1 food stand 2 blocks away and a over priced bar on site (bacardi lounge) So having said that.....We need some billionaire/mayor ;-) to build a great atmosphere by buying up a square mile filling it with restaurants/bars/shops/apartments etc!
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