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Originally Posted by Hendu View Post
Agreed. Also, if anyone already in the HOF is suspected of cheating, whether real or an "eye test" they should be kicked out then (cough...Cal Ripken and his "I'm not in a position to judge" comment...cough). That's the can of worms that the voters are opening.

This whole thing about punishing an era is ridiculous. It happened. We saw these guys put up monster numbers. And for Bud Selig, the owners, and the HOF not to give voters some kind of guidance on how to treat this era is equally ridiculous.

But ya I'm gonna make the trip to Cooperstown to see that Jim Rice plaque. What a joke the baseball HOF is.
That's the thing, a whole era of players are going to be judged by a group of writers who benefited off of them juicing during the 90's? If you weren't campaigning against juice then, you can't punish them now.

Bonds and Clemens should be in and if you feel the need to make mention of steroids I am all for it, but to pretend the steroid era never happened is just silly.
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