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Default Frank Thomas HOF Discussion Thread

THE GREATEST offensive player in White Sox history will be on the ballot next year.

I was watching MLB network during their HOF special last night and they were discussing next year's potential HOFers. At that moment, I realized how much of a ****ing jackass idiot Mitch Williams really is.

Personally I think Frank Thomas is a without question a first-ballot HOFer. Offensive machine and has no links to the PED scandal. Only player who VOLUNTEERED to testify in front of Congress several years back.

He never hit 50 homers in a single season. If a guy like Frank who already had the natural body size and hitting ability took PEDs he would have easily topped 60-70 homers in a season.

What "wild thing" had to say almost floored me. If I literally had something nearby to throw, I would have broken my flat screen.

He basically said that Frank has no links to PEDs "that we know of" (he said it in a very suspicious tone) and that there's no way Frank Thomas gets voted in because voters are going to look at his body size and assume that he was using PEDs.

But enough about that *******.

What do you think about Frank's impending induction? Will he get voted in?

Also how many of you are planning a trip to Cooperstown next year to represent the White Sox?

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