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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
I know that this is the prevailing wisdom, and the writers consider a first-ballot election to be an extra-special award, but I think it's just dumb. If the guy is a Hall of Famer in the second year, what changed from his first year? Nothing.
I don't know that there are that many voters who don't vote for players because they don't believe they are worthy of first-ballot election, although there apparently are a few vocal ones who take that approach. Really, if everyone was taking that approach, there would be some players worthy of serious consideration who wouldn't be on a second ballot. Does anyone care or even remember that Carlton Fisk didn't get elected in his first year of eligibility?

Especially with some of the controversial players on the ballot this time around, I think there are some players that voters simply aren't sure about. I didn't see any way that players as unpopular with the public right now as Barry Bonds were going to get elected. I certainly wouldn't have voted for him. And I don't expect I would ever vote for him.

Then there are some voters who have their guys they want to see get in, and they don't vote for anyone else, even though they can put up to 10 names on their ballot.

I'm really not surprised no one was elected this year.
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