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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Chicago is a big market, the White Sox play in Chicago, a big market team should never be in a rebuilding mode.
The trouble is that JR and company have for the most part down through the years run the team more like the Royals than the Yankees, Dodgers or Red Sox.
In over 30 years of ownership how many super star free agents have they signed? How many big market teams would have let Buerhle walk?
This mindset has led to teams that once in awhile win the division and one year caught lightning in a bottle. I'm getting old, I'd like to see us in the WS a couple more times.
Nell: What constitutes a big market team? If it is attendance, The White Sox are not. Even in 2005, they were not in the top 10. Chicago is a big market but having 2 teams splits the pie too small for the White Sox.

Big market teams may let a Buehrle walk but would sign another big name to replace him.