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Full list available at the BBWAA's website:

Biggio, Morris, Bagwell, Piazza, Raines, Smith, Schilling, Clemens, Bonds, Martinez, Trammell, Larry Walker, McGriff, McGwire, Mattingly, Sosa, and Palmeiro will all appear on the 2014 Ballot.

Dale Murphy has reached his 15-year-limit.

Bernie Williams, Ken Lofton, Sandy Alomar, Jr., Julio Franco, David Wells, Steve Finley, Shawn Green, Aaron Sele, Jeff Cirillo, Royce Clayton, Jeff Conine, Roberto Hernandez, Ryan Klesko, Jose Mesa, Reggie Sanders, Mike Stanton, Todd Walker, Rondell White, and Woody Williams all failed to recieve 5% of the vote and are gone, too.
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