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I'll always follow the Sox, good or bad. Baseball is the greatest game ever invented, and even though I get upset at times when the team is performing poorly, nothing beats sitting on the patio with some cold frosties listening to the game with my lovely wife. She's a big baseball fan, too.

Living in Michigan, we don't make it to the Cell for many games at all. Too expensive on our income level. When we do, its quite the treat. But we'll gladly settle for a nice summer night, a small fire, some eats, adult beverages and my trust transistor radio from when I was a kid. An old Zenith made in the 60's in Chicago, I believe. I'm 57, so I got my money's worth out of it.

When the Sox win, life is good. But even when they lose, there's usually another chance the next day. And its summer.

I don't really follow pro football. College football, yes. Go Blue! But baseball is my favorite. By far. Win or lose, I'll always be a White Sox fan. As was my Mom, who was a fan due to her grandfather who at one time owned a bar on the southside.

Nellie Fox was my great grandfather's favorite, and even though I can't remember if I ever saw him play, he's my favorite too. Nellie was a Freemason and so am I.

So, win or lose, I proudly wear my Sox hat year around. Sox fans where I live are few and far between. Mostly Cub and Tiger fans. So when I spot another Sox fan, I always represent.
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