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I have enjoyed the Sox in some of the seasons where they did not contend. But, that's not automatically the case.

2011 is a good example. I did NOT enjoy 2011 when the team played like a bunch of quitters. Also, IMO, the 2011 Sox had a manager who had already quit on the team, had no respect for the fans, and was looking ahead to success in Miami. No, I did not enjoy them that year.

Also, it depends on what direction the franchise is heading in. In the late 80s and again in the late 90s, the Sox were not contenders, but I enjoyed watching them because they had this collection of young talent that was in the process of developing into major league stars. Right now, however, the Sox look like a mediocre team to me and lack of internal talent and lack of "payroll flexibility" (or whatever Sox management wants to call it) doesn't make the next couple of years look very promising. After 4 straight years of the Sox showing themselves to be pretenders instead of contenders, I probably haven't felt this way about the state of the Sox since maybe 1986 or 87.
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