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Default New Uniforms

When the new ownership bought the team before the 1981 season they had more complaints about the White Sox uniforms than anything else. The uniforms were designed by the Veeck family before the 1976 season. Those uniforms were one of the ugliest uniforms in all of sports. Between the 1971-75 seasons the White Sox had the popular white and red uniforms which still look good today. The fans and the players didn't like the uniforms Veeck came up with in 1976. Veeck was too stubborn of a man to admit he made a mistake with those ugly uniforms. Then again, that was common for him. He would never admit to making any type of a mistake in anything he did. I was happy when he sold the White Sox. Looking back at that whole situation, I think White Sox fans would of been happy if they went back to the uniform from 1971-75 instead of having a uniform contest. Being a season Ticket holder, the White Sox sent me a gift last month which was the home jersey from 1971-75 and it still looks great.

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