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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Actually that great stretch started in 1951, 17 straight years of winning baseball.
Every year you knew that the Sox would contend. What made it better is that the Cubs had losing records most of those years and it was a Sox town.
Thank you for that timeline of historical correction, my distinquished colleague..But alas, in 1951 I was but a thought in the mind of my Pop's at Tuley High on the Nort-side. Didnt comprehend the nuance of Sport till about 61 when family members and friends went bonkers about the Hawks that snowy April day...Hell, in 59 I was hearing about the Sox, but Pop's being a Cubbie fan, kept the propaganda from the Dark side to a minimum. Truthfully, he was "closet" happy for the Sox as it didnt matter who you followed , EVERYBODY HATED THE YANKEES outside of the Bronx. Besides, he was still stinging from that 56 championship loss to the Giants, Gifford, Huff et al...

Anyhoo... For a wee kid as me, between the Hawks and Sox and the Hard Luck Bears, pretty much made the decade of the 60's a fun time to follow sports in Chicago..

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