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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Bagwell got 321 votes last year on his second ballot, and that's 56%. Exit polls for this year's voting give him 68%, still shy of 75% for now. IMO, the usual BBWA east coast bias is keeping him out more than the juicing speculation at this point, which could also cost Biggio on his first ballot.

The voters obviously aren't boycotting him like some of proven juicers, like McGuire who's gotten no more than 23%. Clemens and Bonds are exit polling under 50% by comparison.
He isn't a renown juicer; it's more latent, but the belief is there. He should obviously be in otherwise. One disadvantage BAgwell had, if he's clean, is that he never got the public scrutiny to show he was clean. He just kept quiet. No one publicly accused him, but he sort of needed to go on the offensive. He's not penalized like Palmerio because it's never been proven (and Bagwell never lied about it; he really hasn't said anything about it).
Frank, on the other hand, went out front and said he never juiced, and no one could prove or even suggest otherwise, so I think people believe him. Also, his body never changed, unlike some of the others.

I bet you see Biggio do a heck of a lot better.
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