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Originally Posted by gosox41 View Post
There have been a ton of pitchers in baseball with the million dollar arm and the 10 cent brain. I've been saying that for years. Outside of injury, you seriously have to wonder why a guy picked in the top 10 in the draft flails around for so many years. Scouts know who has plus stuff and who has likely has no future based on the pitches they possess.

Garland was a good example of that, as was Kip Wells. I always thought Baldwin underperformed though I never say him as a Cy Young candidate.

Currently, I think Floyd (wasn't he another top 10 pick?) has never developed into the pitcher he can be. He's shows stretches of domination and stretches of bad.

I feel bad for Phil. The only thing stopping him from being a dominant pitcher is all upstairs for him. You can see it in his eyes late in the season. The confidence was gone.

Yes, give me a Mark Buerhle who was CUT from his sophmore high school team, but had that rain delay slide on the tarp mentality that allowed him to sustain throughout ups , downs, and even a perfecto. Tho even Mark's seasons declined post perfect and post no-no. Truth be told, its the mental aspects that have prevented me myself from becoming a top tier MLB starter too.
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