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Default S.I. Story on Humber...

In the issue with Michael Phelps on the cover. Titled "The problem With Perfection..." it looks at Humber on the day of the perfect game and the aftermath.

Story spoke with those who know him (as well as Humber) and what emerges is a pitcher who set his personal standards so high that when he couldn't reach them it messed up his mind and self confidence.

Quotes Humber as saying that after the perfect game, "I've got to prove that the perfect game was not a fluke."

Story says that later in the season when he was getting bombed he worked even harder to try to get out of the slump, instead it drove him deeper and deeper into it. Humber says he told Don Cooper, "I don't know what I'm doing out there..." He went with the slider so much after the perfect game that Humber says he thinks that's the reason he got the strained right elbow.

Story said that on the final day he went around the clubhouse saying his goodbyes figuring his days with the Sox were over.

After the Astros picked him up, the G.M. Jeff Luhnow told him "the team believed he could be a rock in the rotation..."

Sounds like the worst thing that could happen to him was pitching a perfect game. He wasn't ready mentally to deal with it. Maybe the mental issues are the reason he's bounced around to so many teams despite being a first round pick.

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